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Thick Card Pages/Interleaved Glassine Tissue Pages
Like many things in life there is an awful lot of talk about which is the best.  It is really a matter of personal choice.  In the past by many people had interleaved tissue pages in their photo albums partially due to the fact that there was little or no central heating or air conditioning in houses!!! Nowadays, this does not necessarily apply.

Our advice when sticking photos into albums: Make sure, when you have finished a page, the photos are dry and clean before proceeding to the next page.  A sure test is to slip a clean white sheet of paper on the page, ( if there are any sticky marks left, the white paper will catch it) proceed with a few more pages and go back to check.  If there is glue on any stickiness left make sure you clean it before proceeding.

How to clean away glue residue on a photo: In many cases you can gently rub the glue off, however if you are using a spray glue, you will need a small amount of solvent (lighter fuel) (on a pad of cotton wool) and gently touch the glue residue until it has gone.  Whatever you do, DO NOT USE SOLVENT on inkjet printed photos.  It is always recommended to test photos before using this procedure.

It is also advisable not to use desk top domestic inkjet printers for printing photos you want to preserve in photo albums and photo frames.   Sadly many people have already discovered, the inks used in these printers do not necessary have a long life and the ink will fade in a matter of a few years.  I have had clients tell me as little as two years! So beware.  It is very inexpensive these days to have photos printed professionally.